Alevistar Outplacement

Outplacement Services Overview:

  • Career Assessment
  • Job Search Counseling
  • Skill Marketing
  • Custom Seminars

Benefits of Outplacement Services:

  • Reduce unemployment costs
  • Ease employee stress while improving your employment brand
  • Lower the risk of negative action



Career Assessment:

Beginning a job search after a long stint of employment, a new job seeker is at a disadvantage not having an active feel for what employers want. Career Assessment is a three phase process. Initially, a job seeker uncovers their best skill and most unique experience that they have accrued during their career. Then, the job seeker gains an understanding of the next best career move. And finally, applies thee most relevant skill and experience to the determined career path though a resume, job search plan and interview talking points.

Job Search Counseling:

Often times, a job seeker new to the job search process will feel lost without direction and become burned out trying to chase down opportunities. Job Search Counseling empowers your ex-employees thought a defined job search plan. Such plans target employments, strategy for first contact and time management. The result is a confident job seeker who will make efficient use of their time and systematically find their next career move.

Skill Marketing:

Skill marketing is the structured task of utilizing Alevistar Group’s industry referral network along with standout candidate skills to discover unadvertised jobs or a company in need of our candidates resume. It is through skill marketing that we are able to effectively ensure job seekers have access to the best opportunities for earning potential and career advancement. Industry contacts know that when an Alevistar Group consultant contacts them with a candidate, that the candidate is highly targeted to their company and is highly skilled.

Custom Seminars:

While our services are typically delivered on a one-to-one base, any of the above topics (Career Assessment, Job Search Counseling and Skill Marketing) can be converted to a self directed seminar for groups of 15 – 20 outplacement candidates.

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